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‘The Alchemy of Screen Acting’ 5-Day Workshop



In it’s 18th year, ‘The Alchemy of Screen Acting’, continues to set the professional standard in the UK for screen acting training. It has given more than 1000 actors the opportunity to work in a safe, relaxed environment with experienced television drama director, Andrew Higgs, to find their feet and develop their self confidence in front of the camera. Part audition technique, part preparation for how very fast indeed TV schedules have become, the emphasis is on shooting both soap and film scenes, exploring techniques of acting in ‘real’ environments and the correct use of props.


Superior lighting/camera work, sound and editing continue to produce scenes shot to broadcast technical standard, so that material produced during the 5-day period can be used on a professional showreel. Groups of eight actors not only learn (and practice) powerful job-winning audition techniques but also get up to date coaching on effective marketing and networking strategies, and participants have gone on to achieve many professional screen credits in commercials, TV drama series and feature films.


Due to production, directing and writing commitments, Andrew is only able to run this acclaimed workshop occasionally. If you would like to attend but cannot make the current date/s available, please email Macheath Productions ( to express your interest and you will be kept up to date with future opportunities. As the eight places on each workshop fill up very quickly, early booking is advised.


PLEASE NOTE: the course is very intensive and scenes will need to be learned overnight.

“I tend to be quite sceptical about approaches to acting that involve reaching beyond ‘technique’, ‘instinct’ and ‘passion’, looking at underlying emotional or spiritual things, but Andrew’s work cured me of my scepticism. (Or, perhaps, made me realise that I wasn’t so sceptical after all). His work on the Alchemy of acting was truly mind-expanding and inspiring because it showed the way to a potential resource for acting using a more lateral approach, trying to uncover ways in which we might tap in to underlying emotional or spiritual phenomena. These may be culturally-specific to us, but nevertheless they are fascinating to explore and potentially very helpful. The great thing about Andrew is that instead of trying to force-feed you with ideas and ‘methods’, he dangles suggestions and ideas in front of you which, he makes you feel, are there for you to pick up and develop or discard as you see fit. He is keen to stress that nothing is obligatory, nothing is ‘right ‘or ‘wrong’, but that it is all worth a look. A fascinating exploration.”
-Scott Brooksbank

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