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 “Many thanks again for a terrific day yesterday. I found it deeply insightful and so encouraging in a very realistic and grounded way.”


“Just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you so much for yesterday! It was the most informative, helpful and inspiring day I’ve ever been to!”


“Thanks again for a fantastic day yesterday. I learnt so much! And your warmth and enthusiasm was so inspirational!”


“I’d like to thank you for the amazing workshop. It has literally revolutionized my whole approach to getting into the business.”


“Thank you so much for day’s invaluable session. I left feeling as though I had a new, useful insight into the people and processes of TV casting. I also now feel as though I need 36 hour days! I would also like to thank you for your appraisal of my showreel; I have a much better idea now of the work I need to do on it.”


“The structure of the day worked brilliantly, and your approach both pragmatic and encouraging. It was very refreshing to have a wealth of information imparted so clearly and coherently, and I feel I understand a great deal more about the screen industry.”


“Thank you ever so much for a great day. I feel motivated, overwhelmed and excited all in one!”


“Just wanted to thank you for sharing your wealth of information.  My head is still reeling and I’m very much looking forward to the 5 day workshop.”


“Thanks for an awesome day yesterday … an array of great insights and inspiration! I left feeling very energized, motivated and grateful.”


“I found the experience truly inspiring.”


“I found the workshop very useful and refreshingly commonsensical. As actors, society is always telling us how hard it will be and what a difficult industry we work in. While this is true it is important to remember all the things you mentioned. That it is a small world and you just need to make sure that you are on that list of six.”


“I would like to say thank you for a brilliant seminar, it was a real eye opener.”


“Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the workshop on Thursday, it was so inspiring – I feel really energized to push my career further!!! I can’t believe you managed to pack so much into one day!”


“Just a quick thank you for today. It was so very informative and inspiring – probably the best 90 quid I’ve ever spent!”


“Thank you very much for the seminar yesterday. I learned a lot and I’m already putting it into practice.”


“Thank you very much for a great workshop. It was immensely valuable and I have already got my game plan written out for my marketing! I now have the right tools and knowledge to take my career further. I will be recommending your workshop to all my acting friends from now on. It’s what everyone needs.”


“A big thank you to you for yesterday as personally, I have taken away and noted plenty of great advice and information. It has educated and inspired me to be thinking outside the box.”


“Thank you for a fascinating workshop! I felt I learned a great deal about the business and the day-to-day of being a screen-actor, and while it confirmed some points I have heard, it completely changed my mind about others. It was so good to have a positive perspective on hard work!”


“Thanks ever so much for yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Very informative. I went away very encouraged knowing what my next step would be to take. First class service. Real care went into the whole thing. Not many courses you go on treat you as well as that.”


“I want to thank you for the screen acting seminar. It was very informative but also refreshing. I was very appreciative of your down to earth approach coupled with a holistic mindset, that’s hard to find! I’ve been recommending it to all my friends.”


“Thank you very very much for today. You gave us so much information and a perfect attack plan to take our passion to the next level.”


“Just a quick email to say thank you again for the seminar. I feel like I have a whole wealth of new information to work with and it was a really nice atmosphere!”


“Thank you so very much for such an enlightening day. I left the seminar with an exploding head full of new, old, and reinforced knowledge… I have now found this incredible energy and total enthusiasm for (what used to be) the scariest side of my career choice…. ‘Marketing myself’ –  successfully too. I now feel ready to embark on this journey with a clear plan and strategies! AMAZING! Thank you!”




“The best screen course I have ever embarked upon!! Excellent! I would heartily recommend Andrew Higgs’ Alchemy of Screen Acting courses and showreel cutting service – I did 2 courses and they were the perfect consolidation to what I had learnt through experience and at drama school. I now feel totally equipped to go into any screen audition with the knowledge and confidence required. I cannot recommend Andrew enough.”
Marcus Taylor


Andrew is a fantastic tutor – his wealth of knowledge is amazing and he has a great ability to share it in an interesting and informative way. I learnt so much from shooting the scenes and watching them back and came out of the Alchemy feeling so inspired and more confident in my screen acting skills. I would highly recommend this course to any actor!”
Angeline Andrews


“The Alchemy of Screen Acting 5 Day workshop is an absolute must for anybody wanting to work in T.V. or Film. In just 5 short days you learn more about yourself, your acting style, your type and the industry than you could imagine! Andrew is warm, funny and totally honest; he has an absolute wealth of knowledge on the industry (both behind and in front of the camera) and Jungian psychology to boot! His understanding of the business doesn’t just stop at being incredibly technically talented, he also cares very much about actors and gives amazing advice about how to approach text, auditions and sets. I would thoroughly recommend this workshop if you want to get work and feel inspired at the same time!”
Samantha Bolter


“Thank you for a fantastic workshop! I can’t use words alone to express the value of the alchemy workshop. It’s a ‘feeling’ of being awakened and empowered. You’ve sparked a light within all of us with your words of wisdom. May the pennies continue to drop!”
Rebecca Aldred


“Excellent. Worth every penny. Have recommended it to numerous others. Just do it!”
Anthony Houghton


“Great way to test your mettle when faced with limited time and minimal direction, but still striving for perfect sound and light – closer to a real TV set than any other training course I’ve tried. No excuses – your job to think about your lines and character; your job to deal with peers that you do and don’t like; that’s the business. Recommend it.”
Barbara Joslyn


“I was extremely impressed by Andrew Higgs work. His filming technical knowledge/coaching, his showreel filming/design and his career development advice were informative, encouraging and absolutely spot on. I would recommend his workshops without hesitation.”
John Mawson


“Thanks Andrew, I had such an amazing week and really felt like I learnt more about the screen industry in 2 days than I did in a whole year at drama school!”
Nila-Louise Cotter


“Despite having been on previous workshops for acting I had a distinct feeling that Andrew’s Alchemy for Screen Acting was going to be in a class of its own – and it was. Highly illuminating, I’ve increased my knowledge tenfold and have a much better understanding of what it’ll be like on a real film set. It certainly sets you up for it. After being on this workshop you shouldn’t need to go on any others. Andrew gives you insight not only to the technical side of film, but also the practical and philosophical side and lends to a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere. I can’t add anything better to every positive thing said by others here. It’s all been said. I’ve already recommended this workshop to others and they can only benefit themselves by going on it.”
Jo Francis


“May I recommend The Alchemy of Screen Acting to you. A five day intensive course that puts you through the screen acting mill, but in a safe and nurturing environment. Great for all levels but especially for those with little experience or those needing to brush up on their screen acting skills. Andrew Higgs tells it as it is and does not pull any punches. When filming the scenes the pressure is on to perform as a professional in a professional environment. This is not a game but a career that requires a great deal of work. If you listen to him you will learn more than you thought possible. He doesn’t just spend time filming scenes but also concentrates on how to market yourself to the best of your abilities. I learnt so much that I enrolled for two more of his courses. Since participating in the workshop, I have been approached by Oxford Film & TV for a project due to start next month, a theatre company in Camberwell and am seeing a new agent on Friday! Now that is Magic.”
Anthony Styles


“Everyone wants to teach you how to act, and perhaps above all, they want you to pay them for the privilege. What few people in the business want to do, however, is share any insider knowledge they may have, or give you any practical advice on how to become successful once you have honed your acting skills to perfection (and probably parted with large sums of money). Andrew Higgs is the exception to this rule. During ‘The Alchemy of Screen Acting’ workshop, he provides the participants with a rare insight into the world of film and television, together with useful tips from the point of view of a director and casting director. The Alchemy of Screen Acting teaches actors to perform naturally in front of the camera (haven’t we all too often seen the less than satisfying results of great stage actors making the screen into a theatre!), to work in a professional manner and to make their own input into the process as well as taking direction. Furthermore, sound advice is given on audition technique, CVs & showreels, networking and other promotional activities – in short, a package of knowledge to help you go out there and grab that career that is rightfully yours! All this is done at a price that would barely allow Mr Higgs to take home any earnings for himself that week. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the five days I spent partaking in the course, and I especially appreciated the fact that when filming our selected scenes, we worked like one would in the real world of film and television respectively. I walked away from the workshop with a large amount of new confidence, courage and knowledge, not to mention some excellent showreel material and a few new and very talented friends who are all pursuing a similar career path to my own. Under most circumstances, I would advise actors not to spend money and time on endless courses and workshops, but The Alchemy of Screen Acting is not an acting course in the normal sense. It could rather be seen as an intense briefing session interspersed with real work experience under expert guidance. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who has talent and is serious (note the key words “talent” and “serious”!) about making it as a screen actor.”
Sara Rönneke


“I can describe my Alchemy week, with Andrew Higgs, as a quantum leap for my acting skills, knowledge and confidence. I liked the learning style of the course. We built on the previous days work, each day developing our skills and having the direct feedback of viewing the day’s footage. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he communicates through focused group discussion and practical camera work. There is no pretence or bullshit. The course delivers a real experience of what it is like to work on a professional shoot. I found the group very supportive. I have come away from the course with many new tools for my acting tool kit and a list of achievable tasks to help me to that first screen job. We also got a copy of the edited scenes we did. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about taking their acting to a new, higher, level.”
Pete Joscelyne


“I deliberated over this course for months before booking a place. It seemed from the web site that it offered what I needed – an opportunity to experiment with and build on my understanding of acting for the screen, pointers on generating work and some decent showreel material – but with so many courses on offer these days I hesitated to commit my cash. I was finally won over by the feedback page, which included positive remarks by someone I knew, and so I went ahead with it. Choosing to work with Andrew Higgs was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a professional actor. He is an outstanding teacher and one of a rare breed of directors: one who actually understands the acting process and what it takes to make it work. He enjoys actors and works with them in partnership, rather than viewing them as problems to be solved or puppets to be manipulated. Not only does he understand and appreciate acting but he cares enough to have taken the time and the trouble to explore, model and articulate the deeper layers and ramifications of the art form. I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air this was for me. In three years of training and twelve years since, I have worked with about thirty directors and Andrew is one of the handful I would consider to be truly expert at what they do. Few can touch him for his philosophical grasp of the work. The course is practically structured to begin with basic principles of the medium and build steadily towards a finished product and the wider considerations of taking the skills forward and marketing them. The atmosphere is collaborative, supportive and challenging. Feedback from the group is encouraged so that everyone learns from each other and can experience the breadth of opinion that their images and performances evoke. Exercises, rehearsals and shoots are interspersed with lectures on topics including the nature of the industry, the casting process, the director’s perspective, the production life cycle and – the bit I’ve always struggled with – marketing. This five days sharpened my performance skills, built my confidence and gave me a right kick up the arse – pointing out my weaknesses and taking away the excuse of ignorance. I came away feeling stimulated, encouraged and motivated. It was the best money I’ve spent on tuition since drama school and I would recommend it to anyone looking to up their game.”
Guy Fearon


“Before taking part in Andrew Higgs’s excellent workshop ‘The Alchemy of Screen Acting’, I was intrigued by its title. What had alchemy to do with it all, and how was Andrew going to link camera work to the alchemists’ pursuit? Well, I think I now understand it; it’s all about a Quest. Andrew is passionate about his work, which he does as expectantly as the Renaissance Alchemists looked for the magic fifth element; with dedication and professionalism, talent – immense talent, generosity and inspiration. I came to the workshop knowing next to nothing about screen acting. In five days, I learnt more about it than I could have in months, as Andrew knows how to get to the point and give you a very clear picture of the industry together with all the vocabulary you must know and the technique you absolutely have to master to work on a set. Andrew is a master at his art, there’s no mistaking it! The experience was to me tough but immensely rewarding. I felt questioned, the work was difficult and the camera unforgiving. I had to reconsider all I had learnt about acting and put it into perspective. Yet never did I feel insecure or challenged in an uncomfortable way. I finished the week a wiser, more confident actress. Andrew knows how to get the best out of actors by giving them the strength to stand up for themselves. A huge lesson in self confidence in a friendly, supportive, while always extremely honest, atmosphere. I am not exaggerating when I say that the course has changed my artistic vision of acting and given me plenty to think about the human craving for story-telling. Be good to yourself, come to the workshop! I believe you’ll then feel, like myself and so many ‘Alchemists’, immensely impressed by and grateful to Andrew’s alchemical ‘recipes’ for success in screen acting!”
Cecilia Dorland


“The Alchemy of Screen Acting’ was possibly the most interesting and valuable course I have taken. Knowing the way the tv/film industry works, what and how the various players think (ie. producers, directors), gave me an enormous insight into exactly what was expected from me, ‘the actor’. It also put the whole puzzle into perspective and knowing where I fitted in and in what psychological frame, really makes a difference. I was concerned how much we would actually be able to cover in the five days, but from day one, Andrew Higgs (the workshop leader) hit the ground running. His wealth of knowledge has all of us (8 actors) on full alert mode, five days straight. I would not even run to the loo in case I missed a gem of information. That’s how interesting it was, and for someone who thinks she knows everything…! It was held at The Directors Guild in central London, which was a great networking opportunity. I recommend ‘The Alchemy of Screen Acting’ to any actor wanting to succeed in film and television, or to brush up on technique and increase knowledge. Rating: Five Stars!”
Sonia Davies


“Before deciding to enrol for ‘The Alchemy of Screen Acting’, I read through all of the outstanding feedback comments from previous participants; having done the course myself, I now understand why actors have appreciated the experience so much. The opportunity to practice acting for the camera is invaluable, but what is especially good is getting the chance to watch your own work afterwards, discuss it in a supportive atmosphere, and receive informed, sensible and constructive criticism. Andrew is a very experienced director and gives the class the benefit of this by demonstrating in detail the perspective from the other side of the casting and shooting process which as an actor you don‚t normally get the chance to see. For me, my ‘Alchemy’ week was inspirational, and I would completely recommend it. I have returned for the one-day ‘Alchemy of Audition Technique’ course, and this too was an extremely helpful experience, packed with useful practical advice and thought-provoking dramatic theory.”
Julian Nest


“I learnt more about working on screen in five days than I did in three years at drama school. The learning environment is safe but astute and the critiques are constructive and honest. The technical lessons are revealed through intensive practical experience, not through preaching… and what talking there is, is more like a passionate and inspiring discourse on philosophy, humanity, the anatomy of story telling and the harsh realities of the business, than any reductionist theory of acting. It is a rigorous, intensive, fun, illuminating and deeply transformative five days and I found it essential on both a personal and professional level. Highly recommended.?
Rachel Blackman


“The Alchemy of Screen Acting fuels or re-ignites an actor’s passion for the screen. Andrew Higgs conducts an extremely well organised and constructive course. It is abundantly clear that he expends much personal energy in ensuring that this is the case, both in the build up to and execution of the course. Prospective students need not fear – they will definitely get value for money. Whether Alchemy rings your bell or not it comes adhered to a fascinating introduction to the observation of personality types. This is surely a tool essential for any actor.”
Jane Dodd


“Doing Andrew’s course gave me great confidence in my skill as a screen actor. Andrew creates a safe environment for you to learn, building up the pressure as the days progress. This course can be an excellent way to learn the basics of screen acting or for the more experienced film actor, a place to take risks. Fully recommended.”
Dean Loxton


“I tend to be quite sceptical about approaches to acting that involve reaching beyond ‘technique’, ‘instinct’ and ‘passion’, looking at underlying emotional or spiritual things, but Andrew’s work cured me of my scepticism. (Or, perhaps, made me realise that I wasn’t so sceptical after all). His work on the Alchemy of acting was truly mind-expanding and inspiring because it showed the way to a potential resource for acting using a more lateral approach, trying to uncover ways in which we might tap in to underlying emotional or spiritual phenomena. These may be culturally-specific to us, but nevertheless they are fascinating to explore and potentially very helpful. The great thing about Andrew is that instead of trying to force-feed you with ideas and ‘methods’, he dangles suggestions and ideas in front of you which, he makes you feel, are there for you to pick up and develop or discard as you see fit. He is keen to stress that nothing is obligatory, nothing is ‘right ‘or ‘wrong’, but that it is all worth a look. A fascinating exploration.”
Scott Brooksbank


“This is one of the best training courses I have done in my life. Andrew’s passion for this world of work can not fail to rub off on you. He is an excellent teacher who gives you room to grow as an actor, and learn from your own mistakes. He never tells you what to do, just gently points you in the right direction. Even though I have been an actor for a long time with some TV and film experience, I know I learnt a lot and I came away from this course with a warm glow of confidence. If you wish to succeed in a overcrowded market, do this course.”
Tracey Briggs


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