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Participants’ Credits

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Over recent years, many actors have benefited from Andrew’s screen acting techniques and gone on to appear in numerous commercials, network drama series and feature films. Some of their credits are as follows:




"Doing Andrew's course gave me great confidence in my skill as a screen actor. Andrew creates a safe environment for you to learn, building up the pressure as the days progress. This course can be an excellent way to learn the basics of screen acting or for the more experienced film actor, a place to take risks. Fully recommended."
-Dean Loxton




"My current showreel is the third update Andrew has made for me. The first one was entirely workshop material and I was amazed that Andrew managed to produce such a professional result from such a limited amount of material. This last update includes my recent role in Coronation Street which demonstrates how far my career has come in the last few years and how much I owe Andrew for his continued support and advice. If you need a kick start to get your screen career going then Andrew Higgs is the best person to go to. He will offer unstinting time and effort to do his best for you. I can't recommend him highly enough."
-Ruth Evans

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