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Post Production

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Soap and film scenes are edited on Final Cut Pro overnight, thereby uniquely offering participants the opportunity to view both the rushes and a rough cut of their work during the workshop week. A fine cut will then be made, with music and effects tracks, and participants will each receive a high-res file of all edited scenes.


As all material is shot on DV and edited professionally, participants may wish to include some of this material on their showreels.

"Choosing to work with Andrew Higgs was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a professional actor. He is an outstanding teacher and one of a rare breed of directors: one who actually understands the acting process and what it takes to make it work. He enjoys actors and works with them in partnership, rather than viewing them as problems to be solved or puppets to be manipulated. Not only does he understand and appreciate acting but he cares enough to have taken the time and the trouble to explore, model and articulate the deeper layers and ramifications of the art form. I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air this was for me. In three years of training and twelve years since, I have worked with about thirty directors and Andrew is one of the handful I would consider to be truly expert at what they do. Few can touch him for his philosophical grasp of the work."
-Guy Fearon