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‘How To Sell Yourself As A Screen Actor’: 21 May 2016

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Never before has it been possible for actors to market yourselves and drive your careers forward as it is today. Yet, although everything which generates income in the screen business is based on the acting talent, actors often think you are the least empowered. Not so! Not any more.


The technological advances of recent years have triggered a fundamental sea-change in the way the business operates with 24 hour casting, self-taping, social media, and open access information enabling any actor who knows where to look, to significantly enhance your chances of getting screen work. It’s now just as possible for unrepresented actors as agented ones to break into the business and get a first screen credit. Providing you know the right way to go about it.


This new seminar/workshop is designed to offer actors a strategy to both effectively market yourselves to the right people, and at the same time pursue the necessary knowledge and skills training which will enable you to do yourselves full justice once you do get screen work. It’s always been the case that skills training and marketing need to go hand in hand but the emphasis unsurprisingly is usually on the skills (especially at drama school), leaving most actors ignorant of the best way to market themselves. This is particularly true with screen roles where not only are the requirements on the actor very different than in the theatre, but also way the screen business itself operates seems alien to the uninitiated.


The seminar/workshop offers a map of the journey to becoming a working screen actor. It should be seen as a two part process (preparation to engage with the business, and then joining the business), ensuring that your value as a screen actor is first created in part one, and then realized in part two, producing an overall coherent strategy of empowerment and career development of 21 consecutive steps.


No previous experience in (or of knowledge of) the screen business is assumed, and therefore the seminar/workshop is suitable for: Graduating and final year actors; Trained actors with theatre experience who wish to work on screen; Returning actors who have been away from the profession and wish to get updated on the new marketing opportunities; Experienced actors who have hit a brick wall for some reason, and can’t see the way forward – a vision of the overall strategy will help you to identify and troubleshoot any issues and start to move forward again.


The main qualification for attendance is a professional approach. It’s a tough business and hard work is required for success and there are of course no guarantees. But if you are a serious, committed, trained (or training) actor, providing you have the persistence to keep going and market yourself in the right way to the right people then you have every chance of success.



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"Choosing to work with Andrew Higgs was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made as a professional actor. He is an outstanding teacher and one of a rare breed of directors: one who actually understands the acting process and what it takes to make it work. He enjoys actors and works with them in partnership, rather than viewing them as problems to be solved or puppets to be manipulated. Not only does he understand and appreciate acting but he cares enough to have taken the time and the trouble to explore, model and articulate the deeper layers and ramifications of the art form. I cannot tell you what a breath of fresh air this was for me. In three years of training and twelve years since, I have worked with about thirty directors and Andrew is one of the handful I would consider to be truly expert at what they do. Few can touch him for his philosophical grasp of the work."
-Guy Fearon